Last night we headed over to a Halloween party.  I made Miriam’s labybug outfit based on this.

I used a long sleeve onesie that I attached Velcro to the back of.  I used some polyester fleece-ish fabric to make what was essentially a red pillow with black spots appliqued on it.  The top is made by 6 triangles that form a circle about 16in in diameter.  The bottom was just a circle, about 14 in in diameter.  I put Velcro on the bottom of it and attached it to the Velcro on her shirt.

I made a little skull cap type hat with antennea on it and put a little tie on the bottom so we could tie it on and keep it on her head.  The original design had the child wearing a headband.  I knew that wouldn’t work for Miriam, so decided to do this.

I also went on the grand search for something black for her legs and had a total failure on that at the Madison Walmart.  Instead, I bought a pair of women’s black socks.  I turned them inside out and laid them down flat, then started at the toe and stitched a line in them up the length of the sock, at about the middle of the width of the sock at the bottom and getting wider as I went up.  This totally took out the heel, but left it wide enough at the top to cover over her thighs.  The socks go pretty much all the way up to her diaper.  You can buy baby leg warmers for $6-$12 a pair, but they have no feet because they are leg warmers.  These socks cost $1 plus 30 minutes.  Easy diaper access is awesome.

Pictures of the outfit are here.