Last night I completed 1 round on about 24 quilt blocks.  Woohoo!  I’ll post pics as they get bigger and more interesting.  Pretty boring currently.


So, totally haven’t kept up with this thing lately, but I’m going to try for the month of November to do it at least once monthly.

I’m signing up for the Art Every Day Month Challenge and want to keep a running tally of projects.  I think the big project for this month will be the quilt that I’m working on for my soon to be born (hopefully any minute now) nephew.  Wish me luck!

I have a livejournal account and was going to use it for this, but am becoming less and less interested in posting to LJ (although I really enjoying reading other people’s post there).  I’ll still use it for personal stuff, but I think projects and baby stuff will be migrating to wordpress.

So, here goes.

I have a lot of stuff coming up, and lots of projects to do, so I shall list them out.

  1. Wool hood, a la 14th century, for a friend.  A post coming about that soon.
  2. Make my GFD.  Ben and I worked on patterning a few weekends ago.  I need to make the thing now.
  3. Make the wool dress to go over it.
  4. Make a saddle blanket (I will pattern, Kevin will do machine sewing, I will do the sewing along the opening for the girth strap).
  5. Make Kevin a wool cotehardie.
  6. Make Kevin wool hosen.
  7. Make Miriam some cold weather garb (I have wool, but may do simple flannel stuff, we’ll see how much time I have).
  8. Make food for the Rose Tourney at Castle Wars.

Prioritizing them is hard because they all need to be done for the same weekend, November 20-22.  Kevin’s stuff will probably be last, unfortunately.  Miriam doesn’t have anything warm to wear and neither do I.  Everything else is specifically for Castle Wars.   The next four weeks are going to be crazy!