Kevin is the equestrian marshal in charge for Castle Wars, which is in 4 weeks.  He is doing a challenge course in the morning.  The challenge course will be completed by pairs of riders, so there will be two winners.  One prize has already been purchased, but he needed a second prize.  I have a good bit of fabric that I have no plans for (one piece I have no clue where it came from) so we are making a saddle blanket.  I am in charge of cutting and pinning.  Kevin is sewing the sucker together.

Red saddle blanket

This is the saddle blanket that Kevin won. It is reversible with the opposite side being red.

It’s basically a copy of a saddle blanket that he won at Gulf Wars 3 or 4 years ago.  It will be more attractive than period, and at this point, I’m okay with that.

Fabric for saddle blanket

This is the fabric I am using. The floral is a bit more red than the pic came out.

Last night I washed and cut the fabric.  Apparently I cannot cut in a straight line at 11pm.  Oh well, it will be a bit narrower than planned, but it’ll still be fine.  It will be reversible.  Kevin will sew the center seams for each side and then we’ll straighten out the edges.  After that he will sew down the long sides (inside out) and then we’ll turn it right side out and sew the short sides together (may have to do that by hand, not sure if the machine can handle it).  I’m happy we can have the thing done in a couple of hours, tops.